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  • 16 Words: William Carlos Williams and "The Red Wheelbarrow"

16 Words: William Carlos Williams and "The Red Wheelbarrow"


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Schwartz & Wade September 2019
Character-Building Curriculum

This simple nonfiction picture book about the beloved American poet William Carlos Williams is also about how being mindful can result in the creation of a great poem like "The Red Wheelbarrow"--which is only sixteen words long.

"Look out the window. What do you see? If you are Dr. William Carlos Williams, you see a wheelbarrow. A drizzle of rain. Chickens scratching in the damp earth." The wheelbarrow belongs to Thaddeus Marshall, a street vendor, who every day goes to work selling vegetables on the streets of Rutherford, New Jersey. That simple action inspires poet and doctor Williams to pick up some of his own tools--a pen and paper--and write his most famous poem.

In this lovely picture book, young listeners will see how paying attention to the simplest everyday things can inspire the greatest art, as they learn about a great American poet.---from the publisher

40 pages         978-1524720162            Ages 4-8

Keywords: poetry, mindfulness, poet, biography, Read aloud to 5 year olds, 6 year olds, 7 year olds

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