100 First Words City

100 first words city
So, I handed the book to the mom and she took one look at it and said, "Oh, he'll like this."  Warmed all the cockles of my heart- whatever a cockle is - it was definitely warmed.
The "he" in question is a new three (as in three-year old) who is on the go mentally and physically for every waking hour.  This little guy is curious and wants to know how things work.  He will examine the walker of a senior citizen, declare it red, imagine it with a dashboard filled with buttons attached to power, and generally size it up for possibilities.
He will also sit down - oh blessed moment - at his own little table, put this book, this wondrous magical book filled with boxes of images and words, and he will begin to assemble the pieces in his powerful, young, flexible mind and figure out this part of the world known as a city.
It's a board book - hooray.  A decent sized one so the pictures are big enough, It has a word for every image and as you turn the pages the scenes rapidly move from the supermarket to the museum to the zoo, the pool, the street-  you get the idea.
For these young curious beings this is a treasure trove of information that has been gathered and assembled in a rapidly consumable layout.  Each image to be digested and assembled into the concept of a city or a part of that city.  Mastery is born.  Understanding the world around you is more manageable.  Things begin to make sense...and oh happy day for parents who are thinking ahead to reading days - the letters are sitting in their correct positions waiting the deciphering and the memorization that will surely come in the next ten readings.
Recommended by: Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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