1 + 1 = 5 and Other Unlikely Additions

1 + 1 = 5 and Other Unlikely Additions

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Sterling, Sept 7, 2010
Mathematics Curriculum

Okay, I admit when I looked at the first page and it said 1 + 1 = 3 and the two animals in the illustration were reading books called Mythical Beasts and Barnyard Buddies, I was stumped and I said to my husband, "I hate when I can't understand children's books." But, then I turned the page and there was the answer. Ahhhh, so the unicorn in the Mythical Beasts book had one horn and you add that to the two horns of the goat in the Barnyard Buddies book and you get 3 horns. That was a tough one. Then the fun begins as you catch on to what you're being asked to figure out. What a great book to hold up in front of a group to get them concentrating, pulling on the context clues and trying to decipher what the 1 stands for in the addition problem on that page. This is mental gymnastics, problem solving, and a great thinking exercise. It's made even better by the bright, cheerful, inviting illustrations. You use your own imagination to "see" what they are talking about. When you start getting them right, you can't wait to do the next one. Page after page there is a picture and an addition problem. You have to figure out why it's correct. For example, two children looking at a Saltwater Reef Exhibit see a glass case filled with sea creatures. The addition problem on the page is 1 + 1 = 13. If you look closely you'll see the outlines and a few arms of an octopus and down below is a glimpse of a starfish. Add the five arms of the starfish and the eight arms of the octopus and voila, there are 13 arms. So one octopus plus one starfish would give you 13 arms. Can't wait to do the next one! 32 pages Ages 5-9

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