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A Wrinkle in Time

Reviewed by Guest on March 24, 2009.

"You were a star once, weren't you?" Charles Wallace asks Mrs. Whatsit and that line alone will give you the sense that this book takes you to a new place. It takes you to a new way of looking at the world, to a new way of living your own life, and to different dimensions in time. Imagine a world where you can travel along a wrinkle in time to reach a different planet or a different galaxy in no time at all. That is the world that Meg and her brother, Charles Wallace, will enter as they set forth in search of their missing father accompanied by a friend, Calvin. The world they find is powered and controlled by IT and run through Central Central Intelligence. Is this world a better place because everyone is the same? Are our personal differences the source of all discord? Ages 10 and up



It is a dark and stormy night when we meet Meg, Charles and Mrs. Whatsit. Meg with her mousy brown hair, braces and quick temper is accused of acting like a baby by girls at school. Charles didn't talk until he was five years old and everyone thinks he is a moron. But, the truth is that Charles is a very brilliant and unique human being and he is about to join with Meg, a cool kid named Calvin, and the very special and wonderful Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Which on a journey to find their missing father, a scientist. They will travel through a tesseract-a wrinkle in time. This is one of the most magnificent books ever written for children. 202 pages

Newbery Medal 1963


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