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Airy Fairy, Book One: Magic Mess

Reviewed by Administrator on April 05, 2012.

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Airy Fairies, Book One: Magic Mess
Book Publisher
Barron's Educational Series, 2005
Part of a Series

Airy Fairy can’t seem to get anything right. Her room is messy and her magic spells never go the way she plans. On top of it all, Scary Fairy seems to be perfect! The day arrives when all the fairies are given a few spells to clean and decorate their rooms and create a special birthday present for the Fairy Academy’s headmistress, Fairy Gropplethorpe. Every time Airy Fairy tries to use her spells, she is winds up with a mess. Could it be Scary Fairy interfering? It’s a good thing that Airy Fairy continues to try her hardest and come up with a plan that even Scary Fairy can’t ruin. This series would appeal to readers who like fantasy and fairies and are starting to read longer chapter books.

Recommended by : Alexis Cuff, Teacher Librarian, Pennsylvania USA

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