You Are Light


Are you one of those people who loves to walk into a cathedral and see the light streaming through the stained glass window?  Do you love to turn the kaleidoscope around and around to see the colors shift?  Get ready to be amazed.

If you pick up this charming board book written for older children, you will be greeted by the shape of a brilliant sun radiating its light and its warmth through cut out drops of ray.  Out on the surrounding edges are cut out circles that cheerfully reveal bright colors sourced in light and energy.

This book is meant to be held up to the light to follow the colors as they shift and engage.  This is the power of light in our natural world described by each turn of the page.  That gorgeous sun that shines above us is busily bringing life and beauty to the natural world that envelopes us.

In a simple poem we celebrate the wonder of the light that is in the un-manmade world around us.  It's what makes our Earth so very special and unique.  Turns out that same energy is deeply held is something else so very special -  YOU ARE LIGHT.

He had fun making this one.


16 pages          978-1536201154            Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


With a wondrously simple die-cut book, the Caldecott Honor–winning creator of the Journey trilogy brings his talents further into the light.

This is the light that brings the day.

Open this beautiful book to find a graphic yellow sun surrounded by a halo of bright die-cut circles. Now hold the page up to the light and enjoy the transformation as the colors in those circles glow. In an elegant, sparely narrated ode to the phenomenon of light, Aaron Becker follows as light reflects off the earth to warm our faces, draws up the sea to make the rain, feeds all the things that grow, and helps to create all the brilliant wonders of the world, including ourselves.--from the publisher


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