World Is Not a Rectangle: A Portrait of Zaha Hadid

World Is Not a Rectangle: A Portrait of Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid grew up in Iraq.  Her father took her out into the world to see the rivers, the marshes and the sand dunes.  Zaha held the feel of the places, their energy, in her mind and in her heart.   When she grew up, she wanted to design buildings that would "swoosh, and zoom and flow and fly."

Zaha Hadid was an Arab woman leading the way in the man's world of architecture.  This is the story of how she saw buildings, how she loved the beauty of nature and how she stood strong in seeing through her own eyes so she could fight to give new eyes to the world.

Poetic, courageous, this story offers the beautiful colors and shapes and lines that connect to a part of us that wanders through the routine of our days waiting to be reminded of the wonder of our natural world and our own place within that astonishing space.

One woman who could see that nature and translate it into powerful structures came out of Iraq and believed in her own vision and in her team.  She is as much an inspiration to us as her buildings and  her love of the incredible living thing we call nature is now scattered around the globe for all to celebrate captured in steel and glass and wood.

What a fabulous biography for our girls and boys to read inspiring them to believe in themselves and to recognize that wisdom and talent and inspiration come from every culture and every gender and everyone needs us to make room for all.

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