World Is Waiting For You

World Is Waiting For You

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National Geographic
Character-Building Curriculum

Curiosity.  Exploration.  Imagination. Adventure.  Those are gifts we want all of our children to own and experience.  With its eye-opening, mind expanding photographs, this book invites children to be in the moment, to take a risk and to live beyond the everyday routines of life.

Every child needs to hear "take a leap," "take a peek, " "get a little nosy," and "soar."  The message is life can be as deep and as high and as long and as meaningful as you are willing to make it.  Other people are out there doing it and so can you.  

Using real life examples and adding biographical information at the end of the book,  life gets expanded beyond the humdrum and explodes into the extraordinary.  You too can be parachuting  above a wide expanse of sea below.  You too can be suspended off that craggy rock face.  You too can look out and imagine something new.  

Discover.  Explore.  "Confront your fears, taking a chance, and not being afraid to make a mistake."   Care to join them?

48 pages  Ages 7-11  978-1426311147

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