Why Johnny Doesn't Flap


An unnamed boy with autism describes his friend Johnny’s unusual and sometimes perplexing behaviors: “Mom says it is because he is NT, or neurotypical. He doesn’t have autism, so his brain works differently from mine, but that’s ok.” Johnny doesn’t arrive precisely on time to visit, makes direct eye contact, “doesn’t have a topic he knows everything about, like World War II or dinosaurs or forklifts,” and “always wants to play with other kids.” Merry’s artwork is somewhat rudimentary (the boys’ facial expressions scarcely change, even when the narrator is having a “meltdown,” and there isn’t much variation in the staging of the images). But the authors’ subversion of expectations through the narration is effective and thought-provoking, and may well lead neurotypical readers to reconsider their own behaviors and judgments.---from the publisher

32 pages                                      978-1849057219                       Ages 4-8

Keywords:  understanding others, being different, being yourself, individuality, autism, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, Character Building Curriculum, autism and sensory processing disorder resources, autism and sensory processing disorder read aloud


Johnny is different. He is never exactly on time, he can't seem to stick to a routine and he often speaks in cryptic idioms. Johnny is neurotypical, but that's OK.

A picture book with a difference, Why Johnny Doesn't Flap turns the tables on common depictions of neurological difference by drolly revealing how people who are not on the autistic spectrum are perceived by those who are. The autistic narrator's bafflement at his neurotypical friend's quirks shows that 'normal' is simply a matter of perspective.--from the publisher

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