Whose Hat Is This? A Look At Hats Workers Wear

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Whose Hat Is This? A Look At Hats Workers Wear

What a wonderfully interactive book about community helpers. We begin with a glimpse of a picture of a hat along with a short clue.. "Whose hat is this, with a polished silver badge?" When you turn the page, there's your answer-"it's a police officer's cap. It is part of her uniform." Do you just love that the officer is a female? Astronauts, construction workers, beekeepers, and all the way to your own hat as you build a snowman. Then, for fun, at the end there is a quiz on some of the hats and clues you've just seen? Can you remember? 24 pages

This is part of a series. (Whose Tools Are These, Whose Vehicle Is This?)(This is not a new book but I'm adding it to the What's New section in case you missed it as I did.)

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