Who's That Dinosaur? An Animal Guessing Game

's that dinosaur

Have you ever taken your young person to a museum where they can visit a fantastic exhibit about dinosaurs bones - and your young person runs out of the room - terrified?  Or maybe you have one of those kiddos who cannot get enough dinosaur - knows a ton of information about dinos already and would love to strut their stuff - and just maybe learn one little thing they didn't already know about dinos?  This is a great book for your fam.

It's a board book - a solid board book - this is one of those books you see in museum gift shops so it's a sturdy one- and it has fold out pages.  Very fun.

Now, for the child who found bones terrifying, this book is a chance to make those bones hold still, captured on a page where they won't escape, and delivered in smallish doses so as not to overwhelm.  One dino appears and you focus on one part of it - in this case the plates of a Stegosaurus.  So far so good.  Turn the page and you see a teeny, tiny dino skeleton - no danger here - and you use your very own finger to point out where the eyes would be- the sockets are doing the job of the eyes.

Gently dinosaurs are revealed page turn after page turn and you get to touch them on the page - start to bring down the anxiety - and get the fun-o-meter going.

Now for the dino expert here's where the fun starts because they give you clues:  feathers, size, what the dino's name means - and your expert can tell you EXACTLY who this dino is - then you open the page- and ta da! Your expert is delighted to discover that he/she/they does know a whole lot about dinosaurs.  Keep turning the pages for this one so they can test themselves and impress you - it's a total win-win situation.

"Find my spiky thagonmizer."  There's a challenge for ya.  Fun for all - then you need a trip to the natural history museum to see dinosaur skeletons in person.

28 pages                                                      978-1838665388                                        Ages 3-5

Keywords:  board book, dinosaurs, fun, fossils, activities, interactive, game, 3 year old, 4 year old, 5 year old, prehistoric, science

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


A playful, informative introduction to dinosaurs for the youngest readers, by the team behind the bestselling Book of Bones

Set up as a guessing game with visual and narrative clues, Who's That Dinosaur? invites readers to examine seven skeletons and guess to whom they belong. The answer is provided in a vibrant, foldout reveal, accompanied by an explanation as to why each dinosaur's body was so special.

It's a humorous, informative introduction to fossils and dinosaur anatomy, where, in a surprise twist, young children learn how birds are modern-day dinosaurs. A fun and informative introduction to the ever-popular topic of dinosaurs.---from the publisher


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