Who Dug This Hole

who dug this hole

Lift the flap--- those three little words are exactly what parents of wiggly, reluctant listener toddlers want to hear.  These parents might dream of sitting down cozily with their young'un for a bedtime tradition of sharing stories but that's hard to do when the read -ee is hanging upside down on the side of the bed yelling Cowabunga.  But there is hope..and that hope comes in the form of books that deliver "doing something."

And so... we bring you another fun lift the flap book.  This time we're outside exploring a little bit of nature and the flaps when lifted create a bit of suspense and dare we dream - a little bit of learning about that great big world outside the window.

Creatures are out there doing what creatures do - digging and tapping and all sorts of things.  All it takes to join in is a flap lift and a turn of the page.

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

16 pages 978-1419756610 Ages 2-4

Keywords:  board book, nature, science, environment, animals. lift the flap, interactive book, reluctant listener, 2 year old, 3 year old, 4 year old


Lift the flaps on every page of this board book to learn about seven animal species and their habitats! In this innovative nonfiction board book, young readers will see a hole in different environments on each spread. Lift the flaps to discover which animal dug, burrowed, or pecked the hole—and learn a simple fact about each species. Featured creatures include ants, woodpeckers, fish, gophers, skunks, tortoises, polar bears, and kids on a sandy beach!---from the publisher

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