White on Black


What a wonderful way to introduce a new baby to world of reading and books.  This book with its distinct contrast of familiar white objects against a solid, shiny black background is the perfect way to begin to show your baby that the objects on the pages have words that go along with them.  "Look at the banana."  "See the duck? What does a duck say?"

Every time you share the book together your baby will get a deeper and deeper awareness of language.  Things have names.  Learn those names and you can talk to your world.   The wordless quality of this simple book offers the instant opportunity to have conversations together about what you see on the pages.

An added benefit is the contrast of black and white that accommodates those infant eyes that are still developing.

Great baby gift along with its companion book, Black on White.

978-0688119195  Ages 0-6 months  12 pages

Keywords:  Board book; images; building vocabulary

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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