Maddie has a special gift.  She sees people's deathdate on their forehead.  She can tell them the actual date on which they will die.  It's something she was born with.  It doesn't tell her how they will die or where.  She simply sees their date.

It didn't help her when her father put on his police uniform and ran into the middle of a drug bust gone bad.  He died a hero's death on the date she had seen on his forehead and even had written on her drawing when she was very young.

Back then her parents weren't sure what the numbers in the picture meant.  The day her father died it became crystal clear.  

Now at the age of 16 Maddie uses her gift to help make much needed money.  Her mother spends a lot of time with her good friend the bottle of alcohol.  So, Maddie takes in clients.  Worried parents come to ask for the date of their child's death.  Adults with threatening diagnoses come for validation of their worst fears or greatest hopes.

This day is like many other days.  Maddie's mother calls up her that a client has arrived and Maddie changes into a sweater and goes to the back room where a well-dressed woman sits waiting.  When Maddie sees the photo of the woman's daughter, she has good news.  This little girl won't die for many, many years. The woman is so grateful until Maddie's eye falls on another photo.  This time it's the photo of the woman's young son and perplexed, Maddie asks if he is sick too.  The woman assures Maddie her son is fine.  Maddie looks at her in confusion and tells her he will die in the next week.  

That's when the woman accuses Maddie of being a fraud and storms out.  A week later Maddie's worst fears are realized.  The boy has disappeared on the day Maddie predicted his death and now his mother thinks Maddie is involved.  The FBI comes in to investigate the case.

What if you could know the day of your death?  Would you do everything on your bucket list?  Would your life change for the better or the worse?  

Maddie and her best friend, Stubs are about to come up against a tough pair of agents who are out to pin this crime on them.  How can they prove they had nothing to do with the boy's death?  Are they in danger?  Will the killer strike again?

This is a wonderful crime thriller with two very likable characters making their way through a maze of grief and danger.  Edge of your seat moments and well thought out plot twists offer cliffhangers and entertainingly chilling suspense.  

Read alike: The Amateurs by Sara Shepard; The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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