Waylon! One Awesome Thing


Even the teacher's face turns pale when she finds out Baxter Boylen is back in town.  No one knows for sure if he's just gotten out of jail and they aren't going to ask him, that's for sure.  But he's headed to fourth grade.  For Waylon Jennings Zakowski, fourth grader, that's just another way life is going from bad to worse.

His classmate Arlo Brody is dividing the whole fourth grade into his team - known as the Shark Punchers - and the other team- simply known as The Others.

Waylon, it turns out, isn't on any team.  Add to this his sister, Neon, is dressing only in black clothing, painting her nails black and speaking in a single sentence answer to any question, "What's the point?"  

How does a fourth grader stay true to himself and figure out how to fit in?  

Humorous moments and a lot of familiar angst makes this a quick read with heart and fun.

978-1484701522   208 pages  Ages  7-10

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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