Wanda's Roses

Wanda's Roses

Walking home from school one day, Wanda spies what looks to her like a rosebush growing in a trash-filled corner lot. There it was, "bare and thorny," and Wanda who loves beautiful things, is determined to help it grow into its glorious self. One by one the neighbors stop by to see what Wanda is doing. They're all pretty sure that isn't a rosebush but it doesn't stop them from helping clean out a little of the trash or offer suggestions about how to make the rosebush bloom. Everyone pitches in and finally the day comes when Wanda invites them all to a tea party in the rose garden. The roses are made of paper, but that does not discourage Wanda.



On a lovely morning in May Wnda is walking to school and notices a bush growing in an empty lot.  Wanda instantly recognizes it as a rose bush and is determined to help it thrive.  Wanda loves beautiful things.

The lot is filled with old doors and old tires and old everything elses and all of this junk is blocking the sun and making it hard for the rose bush to become its very best self.

Little by little the people of Wanda's community notice her determination.  They don't believe that she has a rosebush on her hands.  But when Wanda decides to have a teaparty in her "garden," everyone shows up with something special to make it a place of wonderful blooms.

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