Uglified Ducky (Maynard Moose Tales)


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August House October 2011

Another hilarious Maynard Moose tale by award-winning author, Willy Claflin.

You may think you know the classic story of the Ugly Duckling, but think again. In the capable hands of his alter ego Maynard Moose, renowned storyteller Willy Claflin, takes us on a wacky journey where this Uglified Ducky, a hapless young moose "blunders away" from his home, is mistaken for a baby duck, and endures endless humiliation as he tries to learn to waddle, quack, swim, and fly.

Eventually, he finds his true "fambly," who helps him discover his own beauty. In his fractured “Moose” English, translated in the glossary at front, Maynard relays a surprisingly tender story that echoes the original tale's theme of the struggle to belong and discover your true self. The Uglified Ducky's quest is playfully but sympathetically interpreted in James Stimson's luminous, droll gouache illustrations.

This fractured fairytale will teach young readers about the importance of courage, respect and community.--from the publisher

32 pages             978-0874839531               Ages 4-8

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