Two Little Monkeys

Two Little Monkeys

Have you got the beat? We're headed to monkey land with two little monkeys, Cheeky and Chee. "Two little monkeys playing near a tree, one named Cheeky and one named Chee." Taking the familiarity of the rhythm and the brilliant use of repetition as always, Mem Fox reaches in to the scared place in every child with the close call of these two little monkeys. They are happily playing together when something is seen lurking in the tall grasses nearby. Run, run, run to the top of the highest tree where you can be safe.

Every child holds that fear of something scary and every child loves the feeling of knowing the monkeys are safe. This is a playful story about adventure and bravery and being willing to risk and all is done with calm, reassuring and gentle pastel colors. Ages 3-6

Recommended by: Barb

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