Turn on the Night


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Groundwood Books September 2016
Language Arts Curriculum

Some children appear quiet on the outside.  If you watch them carefully, you may receive the gift of clues that reveal the incredibly rich, full life they are living within themselves.  Their hand won't be the first to go up in class.  They know that answer.  They just don't need to say it aloud.  Their internal world holds a place for that answer and that's the sense of completion for them.

Ever wish you could see into that world?  Yearn to be privileged enough to know how it feels to live so vividly in your mind?  

Open this book. It's night time and a small community is settling in for a good night's rest.  White stars dot the midnight blue sky.  One small simple home has a dog house, a chicken coop, a weathervane and most magical of all, an open second-story window waiting for adventure to begin.

This is a simple, rich, beautiful, seemingly wordless adventure that bursts forth from the pages of the book just slipping from the contented hand of a smiling, sleeping young girl tucked into her comfy bed.  Adventure dashes out the open window into the night beyond gathering fellow night travelers eager for discovery as it rushes to greet the brilliant night sky above.   

Utter joy.   Completely caught by possibilities a threesome can create, they uncage their happiness, their curiosity, and above all  their imaginations and run free into the magical land of story.

What happens when you read a book?  Where does your imagination carry you?  What does that place loo like?  Best of all what do you bring back with you as you turn that last precious page?

978-1554988419   32 pages  Ages  4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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