Too Tall Houses

Too Tall Houses

Talk about charming....

TOO TALL HOUSES by Gianna Marino September 27, 2012 Viking 978 0670013142

  The wonderfulness all begins on the title page where the silhouettes of the owl and the rabbit atop their respective houses catch your eye and make you smile. It's all in the ears I swear. They're whimsical ears with just the right touch of doing their best to be their best.

  Turn the page and the warmth of a beautiful fall day glows instantly. Meet rabbit and owl, ears aloft and houses tidily side by side. These are pals. Buddies. Friends to the end. One is a gardener and the other is a true appreciator of the finer things in life such as the forest. Owl's home is intricately woven of gaily colored twigs and grasses one supposes. Rabbit has gone with the old reliable brick and dirt model complete with tin chimney slightly askew.

  All is well until one day Owl can't see the forest any more because Rabbit's vegetable garden has grown too tall. So, the battle begins. One raises his house to a new level forcing the other to retaliate with more twigs or more soil. On they go higher and higher.

  With a map of the Northern Hemisphere quietly in the background the two animals find themselves struggling on the towering structures they used to call home. **The colors, the charm of the vegetables and the animals, draw you close. This is a good place... a place you would want to call home. Now these two former allies have become enemies and no one is living the good life. What could the answer be?

  Can't you just hear the class discussions? Cooperation. Character. Choices. Getting Along. Woohooo!

Recommended by: Barb

Ages 4-8    40 pages    978-0670013142

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