TIme to Say "Please"

TIme to Say "Please"

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Disney Hyperion 2005

Let's imagine for a moment that you would like a cookie...a chocolate chip cookie....but they are way up there on the shelf in the cookie jar and you can't reach them. What can you do? You could, encouraged by the help of an army of small pastel blue enterprising mouse assistants, go find an adult and ask them, "May I have a cookie PLEASE?" Those very special words can make wonderful things happen...oh and don't forget your thank you. Adults love to hear a thank you. An "excuse me" is a good thing to keep on hand and then, there is "sorry" but you "have to mean it." With mice waving their banners for manners and leading the way, learning about being polite is very entertaining. Ages 4-7


Surrounded by a throng of cheering, waving mice, our valiant heroine and hero are learning the power of manners and especially of the magic words, please, thank you, sorry and excuse me. Of course, Mo Willems, can teach manners and sound like he's letting you in on an important secret. It's like he's handing a child a tool instead of a hard and fast rule. Life really is nicer with some pleases and thank yous.

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