This or That: Survival Debate

This or That:  Survival Debate

Also titled: A Rip-Roaring Game of Either/Or Questions, this entire series leads us to think through and make some interesting, thought-provoking decisions.  This time we're looking at trying to survive.  

What would you rather do... survive an avalanche or be caught in a wildfire?  Be captured 200 years ago by Caribbean pirates or be captured 200 years ago by South Pacific headhunters?  Want to fall into quicksand or for you will it be a crash through thin ice?  

Each of these thirteen pairs offers some facts to inform your decision.  This could be a great class exercise or create some fun dinner conversations with otherwise untalkative middle schoolers.

At the end of the book (as they do in each book in this series) there is the Lightning Round.. a list of nineteen quick debates/decisions.  Want to hide in a "coffin swarming with mice" or a "locker crawling with cockroaches?"  Can't you hear the groans and the Ewwwws?

Need something to do the day before a holiday break?  Custom made!!

Ages  9-12  (Grades 4-7) 978-1429692786  32pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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