This Is A Moose Or Is it?


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Little Brown Books for Young Readers May 2014

All the quiet on the set, the director is ready to roll camera.  "This is a Moose- take one!"  Following in a long line of muscly moose, our hero is about to step into the limelight to illuminate the world on the life as a moose until he suddenly takes the director by serious surprise by stepping up dressed in the gear of an astronaut. Seems this moose doesn't want to walk the same old trail as his foremooses.

Our director is no slouch.  He tries again and again, take two, take three, but to no avail.  This moose is never going to be an ordinary fellow and as we have the great good fortune to meet his grandmother, a former lacrosse lover, and a regal giraffe with hopes of practicing medicine, it soon becomes frustratingly clear that no one in this family or even in this pine forest is willing to stay in the mold.  

Everyone is busting out and being the exception to the rule.  Spreading their antlers and giving it a go.  This leaves our befuddled director, a beret sporting duck, in quite a twaddle.  What do you do with a moostronaut?

Glorious fun as we pull the duck's chain again and again and giggly good times as the moose holds his ground along with his matriarch.  

Great read aloud with a wonderful message from a moose....go on, take the chance... fly to that moon.

48 pages  978-0316213608   Ages  3-7

Recommended by:  Barb,

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