This Book Made Me Do It

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This Book Made Me Do It

Having one of those days when "there's nothing to do?" Pick up this book and suddenly the world is filled with possibilities. Divided into six major sections, there are step by step instructions to teach you everything from sawing someone in half as a magician, to baking a chocolate cake, finding the North Star, hooting like an owl, panning for gold, hooking a fish and climbing Mount Everest. The categories are Amaze Your Friends, Food, Glorious Food, Get Creative, Explore the World, Survive in the Wild and Be a Sports Hero. Whether you're headed outdoors or stuck inside on a rainy day, you can learn great life skills or simply entertain yourself or others. Possibilities include simple first aid, building a simple shelter, sailing into the sky with weather balloons, doing the macarena or whipping up some pasta and reading someone's palm. The instructions are easy to follow. This is a treasure chest of great ideas across a wide spectrum of interests and it's illustrated with bright, and inviting pictures and diagrams. Want to make your friend scream? Turn to page 20. Ages 7-12 192 pages

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