The Orphan A Cinderella Story from Greece

The Orphan  A Cinderella Story from Greece

For those who delight in retellings of the classic story Cinderella here is a new version and this time set in the land of Greece. Our heroine begins life with a loving mother who cares for her with all her heart but soon her life ends and the girl becomes an orphan according to Greek custom. Her father remarries and yes here comes the wicked stepmother with her two spoiled daughters. The orphan as she is called throws herself on her mother's grave in despair and is rewarded with reassuring words from her mother who promises her great treasures soon to come her way. Indeed they do come and all are bestowed on her from Mother Nature, a new twist on the old tale. Our prince appears though not at a grand ball and the inevitable battle for his attention takes place. With plenty of text this story makes a nice read to share with an older listener with a good attention span. The element of nature offering its gifts sets it apart from the traditional godmother centered offerings. Ages 5-9

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