The White Glove War (A Magnolia League Novel)

The White Glove War (A Magnolia League Novel)

The southern belles of Savannah have a very exclusive and special club.. the Magnolia League. They have each other's backs no matter what challenges life delivers and luckily, they have a whole catalog of magical spells at their disposal to make themselves look good, their men love them, and to inflict bad luck on their enemies.

The spells and the silken bonds have been passed down from generation to generation. But something new and evil has entered the picture. It's the Gray Man and he can take possession of souls and direct them to kill or at least to attempt to kill at his pleasure.

Debutantes need the right clothes, the right cars, the wisdom of their mothers and now something even greater. They need to understand what they hold that can overpower this dark and threatening enemy.

This is dark, violent and creepy.... not your average debutante story.  294 pages Ages 14 and up  978-0316187503  (a so-so soty

Recommended by: Barb

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