The Whale


Was it real or was it a hoax?  Fifty years ago a giant spotted whale was discovered by two children.  But did this really happen or was it just a story?  Readers are invited to grab their binoculars and come along on the adventure  as two children decide separately that they are determined to find the truth.

Beautifully drawn pencil illustrations convey the wonder and enormity of this quest as one boy and one girl gather their equipment and set out on the sea in search of a whale.  Serendipitously they meet and the excitement and utter thrill of their discovery is shared.

Nearly wordless this book is brilliantly delivered especially for children who are hungry for how things work, what a mission would need, and who really feel the value and essential importance of our natural world.

32 pages  Ages 5-9  978-0763679651

Keywords: multigenerational; newspaper article

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

From Templar:

There is a legend that a Great Spotted Whale lives in the ocean, although a sighting fifty years ago was never corroborated. Now two young whale watchers each set out to find the whale, one armed with sound-recording equipment, the other with a camera. When their boats collide, they pool their resources to capture incontrovertible proof that the mythical whale exists. The eventual sighting is a magical moment, especially when the children discover that it was their own grandparents who first glimpsed the whale fifty years ago. The Murrows’ spectacular wordless adventure is brought to life with stunning graphite drawings that convey the drama and haunting beauty of the ocean and capture the majesty of the awe-inspiring whale.

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