Ring of Five: The Unknown Spy, Book 2

Ring of Five:  The Unknown Spy, Book 2

Danny Caulfield, living a peaceful life at home with his parents, is suddenly thrown for a loop when he is sent away to a school which turns out to be magical. Danny finds outs that not only does he have magical powers, but he is a chosen one, the last of the five needed to turn the world to good or to bad, and the adults he thought of as parents are really agents charged with protecting him.

Danny is seeking to belong, to find a family, to find friends, to find himself, yet none of this is happening, and he gets more and more conflicted as time goes by. Not only is Danny facing trials, but so too is his school, where the good are being trained and live, and also are being infiltrated by the bad. With the help of friends and teachers, Danny helps to solve some of the mysteries, but is left in a world still at odds and trying to find his own true self.

Encountering spies similar to himself and those trained at his school, magical creatures, worlds that only Danny knows exist that his colleagues at school are unaware, seeing things through new eyes, Danny and his friends must conquer not only the enemy but their own preconceived notions and prejudices.

Recommended by: Sara Rofofsky Marcus, Librarian, New York USA


Danny Caulfield recovered from the battle that ended book one is home for the 

Christmas holidays. The calm and peace of his rural home is broken by an attack 

during which he finds out his mother and father are really his protectors, so who 

are his parents? He is recalled to Wilsons to begin a new mission, to save the 

Treaty Stone, but first he has to find it in the Unknown city of Morne. 

Betrayal was thick in this story, twists in the plot are always unexpected and a 

sense of mistrust is woven throughout the book. There is intrigue at Wilsons, in

Morne, and at his home. Can Danny trust even his best friends?

Underlying all of the intrigue are the four evil and dangerous spies who want 

Danny to join them as their fifth member in order to complete a dangerous prophecy.

Recommended by:  Barbara Fiehn, Library Media Education, Western Kentucky University, Kentucky USA

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