The Sound of Silence


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Little Brown Books for Young Readers 2016
  • Character-Building Curriculum
  • Social Studies Curriculum

It's a rainy day in Tokyo, Japan and Yoshio is listening to the sound of the splashes as he walks through the streets.  There are sounds everywhere with cars beeping, trains rushing past and the passersby talking and laughing.  Yoshio hears a strange sound in the cacophony all around him.  The sound turns out to be the vibrations of a Koto, a Japanese instrument.  

Yoshio gets close to the koto player and tells her he has never heard a sound like that before.  Then, he asks her, "Sensei, do you have a favorite sound?"  The koto player answers that the most beautiful sound she has ever heard is the sound of ma.

Yoshio goes to find ma.  Everywhere he goes he hears sounds but none of them is ma.  Where can Yoshio find ma in his world?

In the Japanese culture, ma is revered.  Do you know what ma is?  Have you ever heard the sound of ma?  

Maybe you can be a collector of sounds just like Yoshio.

Great addition to a collection looking to celebrate diversity.  

40 pages  Ages  5-8  978-0316203371

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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