The Project

The Project

Uber-cool and fast-paced, The Project is another hit for author Brian Falkner! A tour de force of a solid, break-neck plot, masterful storytelling, cool teen dialog, and super-smart kids Luke and Tom. The boys help their town’s library move books from the basement as the librarian fears that flood waters will invade the structure and ruin the books. They spot a rare –only one copy in the world—book that is worth millions—it has a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci on the cover and is the most boring book in the world—no, really…it is filled with boring words that make no sense and the plot is meandering and boring. That’s not the point, really. Who would write such a boring book...and why is it worth millions…and why are bad guys trying to find it? Unless there’s something hidden in the book—worth killing for!

  When Luke and Tom sneak back in the library that night, they encounter some German thugs who are looking for the book. The boys escape with it and hide it outside the house in a pile of ashes near the chimney. The boys turn to the Internet and begin researching everything they can about da Vinci and the author of the book Darcy Benfer. They realize they may be holding the last piece in a puzzle that can change the world!

  The boys will have to travel back to Nazi Germany to stop the bad guys from destroying the world and winning the war. It’s a race against time. What if they can’t ever come home?

  Fans of The DaVinci Code and action thrillers will want to read The Project. Falkner fans won’t want to miss this one. Unputdownable!

Highly, highly recommended grades 7-up.

Recommended by: Pamela Thompson, Librarian, Texas USA

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Editor's Note:  Sounds like an older read-alike for the 39 Clues books and also Terry Prachett's Johnny and the Bomb  (Johnny Maxwell trilogy)

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