The Monster Who Ate My Peas

The Monster Who Ate My Peas

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Peachtree Publishers September 2001

Do you know any children who won't eat their vegetables? Meet this young fellow who absolutely refuses to eat his peas. His mother is equally determined that he will get no dessert unless every pea goes down the hatch. What to do? Those peas are just too yucky. Then, magically a large monster appears with hair like spinach and eyeballs like brussel sprouts and well, you get the idea. He's not a pretty sight. Turns out he has come around to eat the peas. How wonderful. But there is a price tag. The deal is he will eat the peas if this little guy gives up his soccer ball. What a tough choice. But give it up he does. No more soccer ball and no more peas until the next time Mom serves those peas and the monster shows up again. He wants something else before he will clean that plate. Drawn as part octopus and part vegetable patch the monster has a dark and powerful presence. The deals keep getting harder and harder. What would you do? Would you eat a pea? A bit of fun mixed with a bit of reality and a dash of suspense. Great read aloud especially for children who are truly picky eaters. - Barb 32 pages Ages 4-8

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