The Louds Move In

The Louds Move In

Carolyn Crimi and illus by Regan Dunnick

The neighbors on Earmuffle Avenue are used to peace and quiet. They live their lives in quiet, careful, ordinary ways until the Loud family moves in with their loud voices, their baby and their joie de vivre. The Louds don't worry about the china and they don't have pincushion collections. They are dancing, singing and telling jokes at the top of their lungs. In the spirit of friendship the Louds invite the neighbors to join in their fun but the neighbors prefer quiet please. In fact, the neighbors get together to ask the Louds to hold it down. The day comes when the Louds get very quiet and I can tell you that as a reader, you get very worried about them. Have these people squashed their joy? Are the good times going to roll again? Then the silence gets louder than the Loud's old noises and all the neighbors begin to have second thoughts. They begin to MISS the Loud family.

32 pages 978-0761452218 Ages 4-8

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