The Last Badge

The Last Badge

Samuel Moss has a challenge before him. He comes from a long line of Grizzly Scouts and every Moss Scout before him has earned the coveted place in the Album of Scouting Greatness. To achieve this status Samuel is determined to earn the elusive Moon Frog Badge. This will take great courage. One day, Samuel realizes that he has three hours to get his stuff together to observe the Moon Frog. It is at last the twelfth hour of the tenth night of the eighth month. He will need to hike the Screaming Forest, wade across Skunk Swamp, crawl through Booger Cave and so on until he arrives at the place where the Moon Frog will appear.His camera is ready. There is a stirring. A few bubbles. Then two eyes...Will he capture a picture of the elusive Moon Frog? And if he does, what will come next? Will thousands of scientists come to see the frog? Will life ever be the same again? This is a big decision. I have a great time reading this to groups of Scouts who come to the library for tours. But it's funny enough to read aloud to any group. 40 pages


Samuel Moss comes from a long line of Grizzly Scouts. In fact, twelve generations of the Moss family have earned their places in the 'album of Scouting Greatness.' His father had even earned the 'Golden Salmon Award.' Now, Samuel is not even allowed to look in the album because, 'You have to be in the album to look at the album'sorry.' Now Samuel has earned every badge there is to earn except for one: 'the moon frog badge.' To earn this badge you have to 'provide evidence of the Moon Frog.' No one has ever been able to find a Moon Frog before but Samuel is determined. He will earn his place in the Album and get this final badge all in one fell swoop. So our adventure begins as Samuel sets off to locate this rare frog. Ah, but the best laid plans of scouts and frogs often go astray. This rare frog, what would happen to him if scientists got their hands on him? Alas. What is Samuel to do? Is it bye-bye Album of Scouting Greatness?

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