The Highest Mountain of Books in the World


"There are other ways to fly, Lucas."

Did you ever wish you could fly?  Soar over forests, cruise past mountain tops, race to the sky and dive toward crashing ocean waves?

Lucas dreams of flying.  He makes himself wings..pair after pair of wings.... but none of them give him lift-off.  He even asks Santa for wings but year after year they never seem to do the job.

Then one day something magical happens.  Lucas' mom hands him something that turns out to be extraordinary.  She gives him his first book.

Lucas finishes the story in one sitting and then wants, more, more, more.  He builds a mountain of books.  He is featured on television and becomes famous.  But the best part of all is that Lucas has figured out how to fly.

This is a great read aloud to show children where the wonder and power of reading can take you.

42 pages       978-1441319999       Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


"Lucas was convinced he was born to fly. He spent hours watching birds and airplanes in flight and tried to design his own sets of wings -- many times. But each time they failed. He wrote letters to Santa, pleading for help, but was disappointed with the toy wings and capes he received. Then one day, something magical happened, without him even knowing it. His mother put a book in his hands -- and Lucas began to fly. And fly. And fly. Both a delightful story and a celebration of the wonder of books and their power to transport us to places beyond our imagination."--from the publisher

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