The Hide and Scare Bear


Sometimes you run across a young person who really has a hard time getting along with others. It's as though they don't understand what to do and how to treat other people.  They can make some poor choices.


Meet Bear!  He's a champion at making the wrong choices. In fact, Bear loves, loves, loves to scare his animal friends in the woods.  His favorite game is hiding somewhere and then jumping out and shouting, "ROAR!"   He calls the game Hide and Scare. For him it's hilarious and fabulous fun.  For the animals who get roared at, it's not so great.

The animals get together to talk about the problem of Bear and Hide and Scare.  How can they stop him?  A small, soft, gentle bunny just might have the answer.

This story includes a Bear who never thinks of anyone but himself and who ends up looking like a big bully.  It also includes a bunny who is stronger than she or he looks.  Power can be so exhilirating.  But kindness has a power all its own.  Sometimes you have to teach the difference and sometimes you need to show a bear what empathy looks like.

This is a fun story with flashes of humor so it makes a great read aloud for preschoolers and kindergarteners.  I'd even go up to first grade with this one because the message will ring true to all and especially to the "older" ones who have seen and felt more of the "bullying" behavior by now.

978-0763681814  Ages 3-6  40 pages

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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