The Handmade Alphabet


American Sign Language is based on an alphabet with each letter being shaped by the human hand.  This handmade alphabet begins with a capital letter A, an image of asparagus and a young brown hand demonstrating how to make the letter A in Sign Language.

Page by page we make our way through each of the 26 capital letters.  Bubbles float around a hand signing the letter B and a flowered china cup dangles from the thumb forming the C.

the images used to illustrate each sign create wonderful mental pictures to help Sign Language learners hold onto the shapes that form the signs.

Flipping to the letter N you see beautiful pink nail polish and the O on the facing page features a Christmas tree ornament dangling from the thumb that creates the bottom of the letter O.

Beautiful gentle and smart, this book makes it fun for all types of learners.

32 pages      978-0140558760    Ages 3 and up

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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