The Christmas Pine

he christmas pine

Somewhere in a beautiful forest in the north, a seed fell from a pinecone and began to grow.  For years and years it grew and grew until it saw the sky.  This very special tree will leave its forest to go on a journey - 1,000 miles - until it arrives in a city square where it will stand and remind others of a journey of kings thousands of years ago.

In the United States every year a very special tree makes a journey to Rockefeller Center where millions of visitors will come to see it and celebrate the holidays.  This story is not about that tree. It's about another tree in different country.

Imagine if your country went through a very dark and difficult time... a war.  Imagine if the people of another country stepped up to help your country through the war and all of its darkness.  How would you say thank you?

This is the story of how one country says thank you every year to the country who helped.

Keywords:  gratitude, friendship, World War II, holidays, Christmas, world history, England, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, giving, gifts

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From the author of perennial #1 bestseller Room on the Broom, a new holiday tale celebrating hope, joy, and the spirit of Christmas.


Deep in a snowy wood stands a little pine tree with a special destiny: when it grows up, it’s going to be a fabulous Christmas tree! The tree travels far across the sea to shine in a city square. Crowds gather to admire it, children sing carols around it, and the tree brings joy and the spirit of the season to all who pass by.


Inspired by the annual journey of London’s Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square, this story includes back matter detailing the tree’s history as a gift to the United Kingdom from the people of Norway in remembrance of the UK’s support during World War II – an enduring symbol of friendship and peace.---from the publisher

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