Thank You, Mama

Thank You, Mama

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Farrar, Straus and Giroux April 2013

"We'd  like to thank you once again."
-  Lennon/McCartney/Harrison, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
"On  the way home, Alice's father bought her an ice cream.  'Thank you,
Papa,'  said Alice.
"'Thank  you, Papa,' said the parrot.
"Alice's  mother bought her a flower.  'Thank you, Mama,' said Alice.
"'Thank  you, Mama,' said the parrot.
"When  they got home, the parrot was hungry.  'Polly wants a cracker,' it
said.  Alice gave the parrot a cracker.  'What do you sat?' she  said.
"'Thank  you, Mama,' said the parrot.
"'No.   Thank you, Alice,' said Alice.  'I'm Alice.'
"'Thank  you, Mama,' said the parrot."
It  feels so good to be thanked.  When one of the many young people I'm
around  these days comes up to me and thanks me for something I've done -- like
sharing  a good book or making dinner or giving them a ride -- it makes me
all happy  inside.  I feel appreciated.  And being that I have a daughter
who  works really hard as a server in a restaurant, I am especially attentive
to  thanking anyone who is providing me service, whether at a store or at a
gas  station or wherever.
This  is all part of why I am really enjoying this fun story about learning
 to say "thank you" and "no, thank you."
Alice  is learning from her parents' gentle prompting to use these phrases.
 And  when, during a birthday foray to the zoo, Alice requests a pet, she
turns  down her parents silly suggestions of giraffes and tigers and
elephants, and  then asks about a parrot.  Her parents agreeing to her request  sets
up the goofiness of Alice having a parrot that is repeating everyone's
words.  This is one that the pre-Ks and the kindergartners will be cracking  up
over and, if you read it aloud right, I bet you'll be hearing some of  them
mimicking the parrot at recess time.
But  what actually caught my eye and caused me to read this book is that it
is  illustrated by Gabi Swiatkowska.  I love the unique, whimsical style
of her paintings and had long ago memorized the poetry of Nina Payne's 2005
ode  to a summer evening SUMMERTIME WALTZ, which Swiatkowska also
"'Polly  wants a kiss,' said the parrot.  So Alice leaned over and kissed
the parrot  on the head.  'What do you say?' Alice said."
(I  say thank you for reading this.)

978-0-374-37444-0   32pages

Recommended by: Richie  Partington, MLIS, Instructor, California USA
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