Question: What kind of books do you like to read? Do you like books about fact or fiction, reality or fantasy, serious or funny? How can you find more books you like?

Answer: just take this ten question assessment! It will tell you which of the four Reader Personality Types (Teamplayer, Jokester, Champion, or Investigator) you most identify with, and can help you find more books you love. And remember, there are no right or wrong answers. This is a tool to help you and your librarian find the books that will match your Reader Personality Type.

Have fun!

1.If you could choose a picture to hang in your room, it would be a picture of:
2.Which would you like to do at recess?
3.Which statement describes a response most like you when you are asked, “What would you like for snack after school?”
4.You have $20.00 to spend. What would you prefer to do with your money?
5.You are invited to pick a pet for your family. You would prefer…
6.At home you choose to:
7.If you could go on a trip, you would rather…
8.You get to read a magazine after you finish your classwork. You would choose a magazine about:
9.Your parents told you that you can pick something to do next Saturday. You would most like to:
10.To you a good friend is someone who: