Teenage Waistland

Teenage Waistland

f'; font-size: 10pt;">Teenage Waistland centers on 4 morbidly obese teens who are in a clinical trial for Lap-Band use by teenagers:

* Marcie - a girl who feels out-of-place with her new stepfamily and is being taken away from her old home and father.
* Char and East - a set of best friends who both have a horrifying event in their past that has left emotional scars
* Bobby - a linebacker who is struggling with his dad's expectations for his future and just wants to get rid of his moobies (man boobs)

Throughout the trial, the teens are part of a support group that is learning how to handle their potential new lifestyles and weight loss. While they plan for their future weight loss, they will be forced to examine the deeper issues that led to their problems with food. The authors do not shy away from dealing with the tough issues that can cause teens to turn to food as a comfort, and the book does deal with some very touchy and tough topics: drinking, teen sex, abortion, suicide, etc. Teenage Waistland is an intriguing novel that deals with a topic I haven't come across in any YA fiction before. (336 pages)

Recommended by Brandy S. Huffman, Librarian.

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