In a cloud of leaves and dirt, Clay tossed the tree. It was a lazy throw, but it still spun toward Daniel, a thousand pounds of deadly wood. Daniel barely had time to react. He needed to run, he needed to… The leaves settled and the dust was making his eyes water, but Daniel was surprised to discover that he was still alive. Clay was still standing over the hole left by his uprooted tree. He was frozen still and staring, openmouthed, at Daniel. At the tree overhead…Daniel was holding the tree. Alone. Over his head.”

Daniel Corrigan is average compared to his friends in Noble’s Green, the Supers, who have real super powers, like super strength, flight, and invisibility. But then one afternoon, Daniel “borrows” his friend Eric’s powers. Is Daniel a Super after all? Or is his new-found ability somehow connected to the Shroud, who stole the super powers of the other kids on their 12th birthdays? And now that the Shroud’s great-nephew and family have come to town and are excavating the caves where the Shroud and the Supers had their last stand, what will this mean to the Super children of Noble’s Green? And can the Witch Comet really be making it’s way back to earth. This sequel to Powerless leaves readers wanting more adventures of the Supers of Noble’s Green.

ISBN: 9780375968945 298 action-packed pages Middle grades 5-8

Recommended by: Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania, USA.

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