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Super Happy Party Bears: Going Nuts (Super Happy Party Bears, Book 4)


Welcome to the Grumpy Woods where the animals have plenty of things to complain about.  Beavers came in and chewed down all the trees to build their dam up river.  Woodpeckers pecked holes in everyone's home.  Bees swarmed over them and covered their homes in honey.  What is the Mayor to do?  Well, when he gets mad, he issues Mayoral decrees and fires porcupine quills in every direction.

Meanwhile over at the Party Patch, it's all sunshine and rainbows.  The Super Happy Party Bears are packing up box after box of their fabulous doughnuts to ship to happy customers all over the world.  They sell them worldwide through Stan's online website, Getsy.

Music is playing, paws are dancing, and every bear is a happy bear.  They just got a load of nuts to stomp and sprinkle on the doughnuts..the finishing touch of perfection.

Then, there comes a knock at the door.  Who could it beeeeeee?

When you see the world through rose-colored glasses and doughnut holes, everyone is a new friend and there are plenty of nuts to go around.  But the Twitchy Tails  and Puffy Cheeks of the Grumpy Woods are hungry and their nuts have all disappeared.  Is this the end of the Party Patch?   It all comes down to the Rumble at High Noon.

Delightfully playful, upbeat, warm and gentle, even the tough chipmunks won't scare ya.

136 pages         978-1250100498          Ages 5-8

Other titles in the series:  Staying A Hive; Knock Knock On Wood; Gnawing Around; Bat to the Bone; The Jitterbug; Tiny Prancer

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com



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