Super Hair O and the Barber of Doom


It's a bird, it's a wait, it's Super Rocco!!!  With his curly mop of hair fueling his superpowers, this boy catches huge frogs, glies through the air on his bike and swings higher than high on a tire swing.  His band of superhero friends can skateboard over speeding trains, karate kick their way through Lego-towers and leap from ladders into super swimming pools.  In other words, these superheroes are unstoppable!

Well, they were unstoppable until Super Rocco is snatched...we are talking captured here..and whisked away in the family station wagon to the "villain's lair."  What dire fate awaits him through that door?  What will the future of mankind resemble once the deed has been done?

Will the world still be safe for womankind?  Can the superheroes get their powers back?  Has the dastardly devil stolen the day?  

Every little superhero will laugh and thrill at the possibility that he or she too can reveal at long last her or his superpowers.  Every little superhero will watch and wait to see what will happen in that dark moment when just possibly those superpowers might fail.  

Lovely humor pervails.  This is fast-paced fun with a haircut at its heart.  Perfect to read for those who are about to face the dastardly scissors and sit in the villain's chair for the first time.

978-1423121893    Ages  4-7   32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb,

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