Stephanie's Ponytail

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Stephanie's Ponytail

One day Stephanie goes to school with a ponytail sticking out from the back of her head. All the girls make fun of her and tell her it's ugly, ugly,ugly. But the very next day they all come to school with a ponytail sticking out from the back of their heads so perhaps it wasn't quite that ugly. Each successive day Stephanie tries a different way to wearing her ponytail and by golly, each time the girls make fun of her and then come in looking just like her the following day. Stephanie really wants to be unique and she gets mad that everyone is copying her and she tells them so. Then, she comes up with a great idea. This is a terrific book about being yourself, thinking for yourself and being sure of yourself. I love this girl's confidence and comfort with her self despite the reactions of the crowd and the comic illustrations keep things entertaining and not too heavy handed for our young readers/listeners.

Ages 5-9 978-1550374841 24 pages

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,

Keywords: copying; mimicking

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