Starclimber (Matt Cruse Trilogy, Book 3)

Starclimber  (Matt Cruse Trilogy, Book 3)

The sky's the limit in this third book in the Airborn series. 18-year-old Matt Cruse is spending the summer piloting a ship involved in constructing the Celestial Tower, which is planned to reach into outer space, and furthering his relationship with partner-in-adventure Kate De Vries. Both their plans change, however, when the government of Canada announces it is seeking candidates to become the world's first astralnauts, and Matt jumps at the opportunity.

After a grueling training session, our hero is selected as a member of the four-man crew of the Starclimber. When Kate joins the expedition as a high-altitude life-form specialist, Matt is thrilled--until she makes an announcement that shatters his world. However, there is little time to dwell on this development, as a catastrophe turns mankind's first voyage into space into a race to save their lives. Nonstop action, humor, believable characters (including a very intelligent little monkey), and surprise discoveries combine to make this novel a winner. 400 pages. Ages 12 up

Recommended by : Basya Karp

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