Star Crossed

Star Crossed

"We'd finished the job. We should have been safe." Then there's a flash of blade and a spurt of blood, Tegen's blood, and Digger is running for her life trying to find a safe house. Are the Greenmen after her? How can she be safe.

On the run for her life, Digger finds herself accepting the invitation of some young celebrating nobles. She'll have to reinvent herself quickly, come up with a name and a story to protect her past and give herself a future.

Newly minted as Celyn Contrare she finds herself serving as a lady in waiting to Meri who is moving with an entire entourage to a remote castle where she will retire for her coming of age lessons before marriage. The long journey tosses Celyn into the hands of Lord Daul, a blackmailing noble who holds little compassion and is using anyone and everyone as pawns in his personal scheme.

Daul knows Celyn's talents as a thief and he is now turning her into a spy sending her on dangerous missions to get him the secrets he needs to uncover. The kingdom is trembling with suspicion and fear. Who is going to assume the throne? Is it true that Prince Wierolf is dead? Is Meri's father a traitor?

This tale with its hints of magic adds characters and deepening layers as it draws you along wondering who the good guys are and watching the suspense tighten as Digger/Celyn takes risk after risk. Good adventure with a female protagonist. Ages 10 and up 360 pages  978-0545136051

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