Spur A Wolf's Story


Wilderness.  Wildlife. Wolves.  As our children turn more and more toward technology and less and less toward the wonder of our great outdoors, they lose the connection to the natural world and web that we humans belong to.  Along with that connection goes the value and appreciation for the dynamics of the lives of the creatures around us.  This book invites children back into that world and to spend some time in the world of wolves and the corner of the web they need to survive.

The story centers on a wolf named Spur and her brother.  Its voice speaks gently to young listeners.

Can you imagine what it is like to be a wild wolf? 

Spur's brother told her all about the caribou who used to live in this forest. All winter the caribou ate the lichens that grew there. But now the lichens are gone and so are the moose and the deer and the caribou. Spur and her brother and the other wolves in her family ar on the move to higher grounds where tall trees and lichens are still growing.

Suddenly Spur sees a creature in the sky above her. It's not a sound she has ever heard before. Then, something whizzes past her ear.  She barks for her brother.  Her family scatters.  Her heel feels a burn and she crawls under a shrub to lick her wound.  What is this new enemy? Where is her brother? Where is her family?

It takes hundreds of years to grow the mass of lichens that can support a caribou herd. The intrusion of human beings into the natural habitat with mining, logging, and road building destroys that habitat.

Spur and her brother were searching for the new grounds of the caribou they need to survive when they are attacked from the air by humans in a process called culling. "Governments in Canada, the U.S. and Europe are 'culling wolves' to protect livestock." 

An important book to educate our children about the value of our natural world and the political efforts that can impact the species that make up the natural web we live in.

Back matter is included.

32 pages 978-1771643412 Ages 7-10

Keywords: wolves, environment, nature, habitat, survival, culling, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, conservation, science, government, hunting. helicopter

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


This captivating tale will inspire children across the world to build compassion for an iconic yet vulnerable animal.

In award-winning author Eliza Robertson’s stunning debut children’s book, a young, brave wolf named Spur is looking for food with her brother when, suddenly, a flying beast appears in the sky. What was that thing? And where did her brother go? The next time the helicopter appears, Spur knows just what to do to save her wolf pack and reunite with her brother.

Stirring, gorgeous illustrations of wolves, snow, and trees illuminate this uplifting and empowering story, which offers a gentle message for protecting wild wolves in North America and beyond. Just like us, wolves have brothers, sisters, parents, and friends—and they very much need our help.--from the publisher

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