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Schwartz and Wade March 2014
Character-Building Curriculum

Ah, the pet problem.  Isn't it inevitable that when a girl wants a pet bird, or a bunny or a trained seal, her mother will always say no?  That's certainly the case here until Mom gets a bright idea.  

"You can have any pet you want as long as it doesn't need to be walked or bathed or fed," says mom thinking she's gotten out of this one forever.

But, this is the story in which the school librarian saves the day as she hands our heroine the S volume of the encyclopedia.  There it is that a perfect pet awaits... the sloth.  Has her dream come true?

Optimism reigns supreme in the heart of this young pet owner.  She names her pet Sparky and heads out into the yard to teach it some new tricks.  Unfortunately, Sparky has this one favorite old trick all his own.  The one where he hangs out on a branch of his choice.

Just how perfect is this pet?  Adventures await.... and we wait, and wait and wait....  It turns out Sparky may not be the best in show but he has some special tricks all his own.

978-0375870231   40 pages  Ages  4-9

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