Sosu's Call

Sosu's Call

In a village on the coast of Ghana, young Sosu sits and waits for life to come to him. Born unable to walk, he is dependent on his family and his dog to give him opportunities for new experiences and learning. His father teaches him to repair broken fishing nets but when he takes him out on the water, villagers paddle up and angrily insist that Sosu stay at home and not come out to the lagoon where he will bring them bad luck. At home Sosu contributes by making lunch and he learns to read and write by listening to his siblings. Always, Sosu's faithful dog Fusa is there to keep him company. Then, one day everything changed. Sosu was at home in the village as always when the wind began to rise and Fusa began to whimper. Something was wrong. The sea rose and washed into the village much higher than it should. Sosu realized his village was in great danger. There was no one else around who could warn the other villagers. The responsibility lay on Sosu's shoulders. With the encouragement of his dog, "the boy who can't walk" will have an idea that just might save his people. After the crisis is passed, life changes for Sosu. Acceptance for those with disabilities is the important message of this tale of honor and it finishes with Sosu, a hero, being proudly presented with a new wheelchair. Ages 4-8 37 pages

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