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Schwartz & Wade 2013

Sophie has just gone to the Farmer's Market with her parents and picked out her very own squash.  Clearly Mom, cookbook in hand, had dinner plans for this squash, but Sophie recognizes a kindred soul when she sees one and has named her squash Beatrice and drawn a face on her best side with a black marker.

Beatrice is a toy of great talents. She is excellent at somersaults, loves to go along to the library for a good story, and takes her bottle and drifts off to dreamland each night with a contented smile.

So, it is entirely understandable that Sophie does not take to her parents subtle hints that Beatrice is a vegetable and a slowly deteriorating one at that.  Sophie loves her squash.  Her squash loves her.  That's all there is.

In time, nature being what it is, Beatrice does start to show a few signs of age shall we say.  Yes, there is the slight sense of mushiness and perhaps a bit of a rash.  Sophie reluctantly decides to tuck Beatrice in to a nice warm bed of dirt outside in the yard.  

One look at the parents and at Sophie herself will keep you laughing and turning the pages to see just how they're going to work out this delicate situation.   One does not willingly part from one's teddy and Sophie loves her Beatrice just that much.  Each set of illustrations delivers much to explore and many questions to ask...what's that?  

This is a lovely, funny book about friendship and caring and the bond between a girl and her squash.  It's also a gentle learning experience about letting go, about seasons and cycles and about hope and things turning out just right.  A light touch for some important things to know.

Ages  4-8  978-0307978967  32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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